Employee Engagement

how to improve employee engagement

How to Improve Employee Engagement

Lila Asante-Appiah, Senior Director, HR Administrative Client Services & Organizational Development Wayne State University

A common problem I guess I would identify at Wayne State was really around and currently is around trying to get the best out of the talent that they have, and getting everyone within the particular team or department to align themselves with the overall goals of their school, college and division, and allow for better interactions within team members to achieve that effort. Now AcuMax has been really instrumental in providing leaders and their teams with a tool that allows them to really understand how to work better together, to work more easily together, to be more collaborative in idea exchange, and how they communicate.
I think one of the success stories that we hear over and over again is that it provides clarity for people on understanding how people do the work and what the positive results can be based on understanding people better and improving interactions with their team members. I’m probably one of the biggest fans of AcuMax and it’s because I’ve seen results with AcuMax and that’s why I will recommend it.


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