Conflict Resolution Methods

conflict resolution methods

AcuMax can provide a channel to resolve conflict between two employees and improve employee engagement. Ed Fisher, a consultant for AcuMax, comments:

I would say the most exciting result that I’ve seen from a client that I’ve worked with is the better atmosphere and camaraderie fostered within the workplace. The learning achieved acts to resolve conflict and improve employee engagement.
Oftentimes during training, individuals are deliberately put into the training class that don’t relate well to one another in the workplace. Sometimes I learn of this before the training or after the training has already been conducted.
It’s the more congenial atmosphere that we see afterwards and the positive attitude of individuals that were formerly not able to work well together, going forward, that gives me satisfaction because I can see that AcuMax is working and is achieving more than just hiring the right people in the right places.
During the training, our clients have the opportunity to learn about their own profile, in other words, how they are wired. They also become aware of the profile of their coworkers. To their surprise, many of the individuals who have the most difficulty getting along are the ones who have similar profiles. Once coworkers understand why others behave the way they do, conflicts often disappear, or at least the means of resolution becomes clear.
Learning how to deal with conflict in a team can make a huge difference in your company culture. When an organization integrates the AcuMax Index into their culture, a common language for positive communication and collaboration is established.
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