Does Your Team Have What It Needs To Make Decisions Effectively?

Is your team able to work together to make effective decisions? Being able to make effective decisions is one of the key traits of productivity and high-functioning teams. In order for a team to be able to make sound decisions, there needs to be a foundation of trust, understanding and communication among the team members. Those three elements are imperative to a team being able to successfully work together.
Trust and understanding go hand in hand, when you understand the kind of person you’re working with you are able to trust that they’re coming to the table with positive intentions. You can help your team better understand one another by giving them data about how the other members of the team are wired. Through understanding how team members are wired, you’re able to collaborate and come to a consensus without unnecessary conflict. A healthy discussion of different viewpoints is possible when members of the team are able to empathize with one another and understand why their coworkers might have a differing viewpoint.
In moments of high pressure or tight deadlines, there isn’t usually an opportunity to stop and figure out why two people are clashing.  Understanding how a teammate is wired helps teams work together in the moments where they need to be highly aligned. They’re starting the discussion with the baseline of understanding how the other person might be approaching the decision-making process. For example, the wiring may show that one person is highly dominant or a leader by nature. When that person begins to dominate conversations or take the lead on coming to a decision, it is easier for other team members to understand why that employee is trying to strongly influence the decision.
Additionally, wiring profiles breakdown the discussion and take any feelings of it being personal out of the equation. For example, it allows a team member to be able to see that their coworker is process-oriented and that is why they want the detailed breakdown of the steps involved and that their request doesn’t have anything to do with questioning their coworker’s abilities.
Communication is the final aspect of a team being able to make effective collaborative decisions. Incompatible wiring profiles exchange information in different ways, and not all styles of communication work for all wiring profiles. When team members understand how they each best receive information, they’re able to communicate with one another and make effective decisions.

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