Four Tips To Improve Your Hiring Process

If your company isn’t doing as much hiring, invest the time in your hiring and recruitment processes. Creating reliable methods will help you be ready to execute smoothly when your hiring engine gets moving at full speed.
Build your brand
Every company has a brand, but that doesn’t mean that you have a good one. Your company will have difficulty recruiting candidates, especially the valuable ones, if you don’t take control of how your organization gets represented during recruitment. Discuss the current pitches that are being used during recruiting and what messages are resonating with candidates. Use the results of that discussion to formalize an elevator pitch about why candidates should join your organization, what your organization offers its employees and why you’re superior to others in the industry.
Include assessments
Assessments let you take a data-driven approach to find the right candidates and require very little lift to receive a lot of valuable information. A job candidate may have the correct skillset and the right experience. However, if you don’t know how that person is hardwired, you may still be hiring the wrong employee for the job. Someone who won’t fit into your company culture won’t be a long-term solution for your organization, resulting in costly turnover. The AcuMax Index® is statistically validated and EEOC compliant, so you can use our insight with confidence and overcome the challenges of hiring new employees for your workplace.
Handle bad reviews
Candidates look on review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed when deciding whether to apply or accept a position. You can have the best pitch to the right candidate and it won’t matter if the candidate doesn’t feel like your organization treats employees right. Demonstrate caring and compassion by writing (not pasting) responses in to everyone who takes the time to provide reviews. It doesn’t take a lot of time, especially once you get the flow of how to craft personalized, thoughtful responses. You can also help improve your ratings by asking current employees to review their experience with the company. You’re more likely to get a positive review by current employees than by ones no longer with the company.
Standardize response time
In Glassdoor’s 2020 HR and recruiting stats report, they detailed the importance of communicating during the hiring process. Applicants drop out of the hiring due to a poor experience, and one of the most critical aspects of that experience is communication. The elements that job seekers find most important to a positive experience include clear and regular communication (58%), clear expectations (53%), and feedback regarding rejection (51%). Establish company or department goals around communication frequency with candidates. Even if you have nothing new to share, send candidates a note letting them that you havent forgotten about them and will share additional information as soon as it becomes available.

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