Hiring the Right Person

hiring the right person

“We looked for solutions to our (hiring) problems…we found the AcuMax Index. Now we have better productivity, happier people and higher morale…and we are now seeing growth in our company again.”

Hiring the Right Person for the Position Leads to Higher Productivity

Theresa Parker, Executive Vice President, Liberty Title

We would find that we had lots of great interviews. We would interview someone for a processing or a closing position, and think that we had the ideal person. We would hire them, they would get into the job, and we’d start finding lots of mistakes, and really find out they didn’t possess the detail required for that role.
At the same time, we would also have great interviews for salespeople. They would be outgoing, positive, energetic, and they’d get to work for us, and we’d find them sitting behind a desk, and they never actually wanted to get out on the road and call on customers.
Well, we looked for several solutions to try and help us solve our problem, from reading books to going to seminars, collaborating with other companies of similar sizes across the country, and sometimes at the end of the day, we just went on our gut instinct and hoped that we had hired the right person.
Then we found the AcuMax Index Assessment, and found this to be a great tool, because it helped us find out how people were wired and how to hire the right person. We write our job postings differently now. We spend our time effectively by hiring candidates whose profile matches the position we have open, and ultimately we offer jobs to people who fit the role and gives them the best opportunity for success at Liberty Title.
We have better productivity. We have much happier people, higher morale. As a result, we have improved customer service interaction with both internal and external customers, and we’re now seeing growth in our company once again.
I would recommend AcuMax to any company, for both a use in hiring and communicating, and I would recommend it even if your job is the head of your household of four teenage children.

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The AcuMax Index is helping organizations of all sizes to hire with confidence, dramatically increasing retention and improving performance.

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