Resolving Conflict

resolving conflict

“…the manager liked to talk things out and get replies right away. The employee needed time to think…amazing to watch their relationship improve with that insight.”

Resolving Conflict by Creating a Common Language within the Team

Arlene Jones, Director of Talent Management, EDSI

We’ve used the AcuMax Index for resolving a conflict between a manager and an employee.
The manager called me saying, “Every time I meet with this employee, it seems like she’s disinterested, not engaged.” The employee would call me and say,”I always feel like my manager is putting me on the spot to have something to say, there in that moment.”
When we took a minute and actually looked at the two profiles and brought them in the room, we realized that the manager was someone who liked to talk out loud, be able to verbalize what they were thinking and wanted a response right away. The employee was someone who really needed time to think things through. That small little perspective really was tremendous in their relationship in that from this point forward, the employee goes into the meeting saying, “I don’t have all the answers right now and I’d really like some time to think about it and I’ll get back with you at 2:00 tomorrow and have an answer for you.”
That’s just been amazing to watch in their relationship. I would say, in essence, AI has just been great for creating a common language among our team.

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