Improving Business Acumen with AcuMax

improving business acumen with acumax

Developing Business Acumen is the Essence of the AcuMax Index

The Oxford English Dictionary defines business acumen as “the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions regarding business situations.” No aspect of business is more important than understanding people and how to effectively communicate. The ability to make good judgments about the people you choose to hire or do business with is critical to success.
AcuMax clients initially turn to the AcuMax Index to solve problems that are affecting their bottom line – often, their employee turnover. The business acumen skills they developed is an added benefit that surprises and delights.
Jay Hawreluk, the founder and CEO of AcuMax, explains:
It starts with the hiring process, but it doesn’t end there. I’ve had clients that are able to use the AcuMax Index to develop their own skilled workforce.
We’re using this not only in manufacturing industries, but we’re also using it in sales arenas, and customer service areas – basically in any organization that wants better hiring and more engaged employees. One of the things I frequently say is, “When we have a team full of cloned profiles, we all like doing the same thing.” To have an effective team, you need a diversity of profiles, but a diversity of profiles is the thing that creates team dysfunction. With AcuMax, I know the value of each person on that team and, therefore, the dysfunction goes away as all members realize the value each person’s wiring brings to that team.
We have clients that use AcuMax to effectively groom individuals so that they take the right career path up through the organization. You can’t have a “cookie cutter” approach. When you see good talent, ambitious talent, you want to make sure you map out the right path for them to move forward.
AcuMax can be used for personal coaching to improve individuals, maximizing their strengths, minimizing their limitations and helping in a personal self-growth and development program.
We use AcuMax for succession planning, one of the key important aspects in an organization. Oftentimes, the individual that got us to a certain point may not have the wiring we need to take us into the future. We may need a different type of profile or may need the exact same type of individual.
One of the things I say to clients is, “AcuMax creates a human copy machine. When you know the wiring you want, when you have the background and skill set, you can duplicate that wiring which improves the effectiveness of your hiring.”
Another usage with AcuMax is it makes hiring much more efficient. When you review resumes for background and skill set, you can immediately survey all of your candidates. We make it very easy because there’s a simple matching method where you’ll get a green, which means interview the candidate; a yellow match designates that individual may be a good candidate, we might want to take a look to ensure the profile meets the critical wiring needs of the position; and a red match signifies that the candidate’s long term chance of success is minimal. We make it easy for our clients to improve the efficiency and the quality of their hiring process.
We’ve had a great amount of growth and acceptance with clients and their employee base because we look at every unique profile in a very objective manner. We give simple, easy tools to use and we encourage use throughout the organization, within leadership teams, for performance management, getting the right people “on the bus” and resolving conflict. The AcuMax profile gives the entire organization a common language and a way to understand others in an objective, non-judgmental and productive context.
Business acumen becomes easy with the right tools and the right information.

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