Why CEOs Choose AcuMax for Employee Selection

why ceos choose acumax for employee selection

What’s the Biggest Reason CEOs Choose AcuMax?

The market has responded incredibly well to the AcuMax Index®. We have had phenomenal growth over a very short period of time. Why? We objectively solve a problem in most organizations. The AcuMax Index is rapidly becoming the “go-to” tool for CEOs and human resources executives because we have proven results. Many of the core issues that face business leaders today, like employee engagement, reducing turnover and employee selection are being radically improved when the AcuMax Index is integrated into an organization.

Employee Selection

What’s the biggest problem we solve? Hiring the right individual. We do it by making it very simple and easy to develop wiring profiles for roles. We make it very simple and easy with one of the most advanced IT systems in the marketplace. People can get information instantaneously. We provide unique coaching tips for every profile so people will interact better.
We’re fully functional. Little training is needed to begin to use it to create a great corporate culture. We have a great IT system that everyone in the organization can access.
The AcuMax Index works as an employee selection tool, but it also functions well as a management and motivation tool. Managers will find having the AcuMax profile for every team member handy because it helps to resolve or avoid communication problems.
Companies that have integrated the AcuMax technology into their culture use the AcuMax Index to groom and promote their best performers to positions that match their wiring. Succession planning becomes easier, less risky. Turnover is reduced because employees are engaged and happy in their work when their wiring profile is used to place them in the best positions. Be sure to request our report on the Five Simple Ways to Reduce Turnover.

Try It!

We offer a complimentary consultation for executive teams taking the AcuMax Index together. Request a consultation for your organization. Or, try taking the AcuMax Index now.

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