What is the AcuMax Index?

what is the acumax index

What is the AcuMax Index®? How is it Different from a Personality Assessment?

The AcuMax Index® is unique. Although we are considered a personality assessment test, there is no other assessment that objectively measures and reports on human wiring. We look at every unique profile in a very objective manner. We give simple, easy tools to use, and we encourage use throughout the organization, and in people’s personal lives.
The AcuMax Index is a statistically validated tool. It’s completely EEOC compliant. We want people to be considered for the value they bring to the company: by their background, their skill set and their wiring, excluding all the other characteristics that can sometimes fog the interview process. We want to bring clarity to all organizations showing the positives, the pros, the significance of having good hiring processes, and effectively managing people, so people can use it at home, in their schools and in their places of worship.
Our mission is simply this: to answer the question, “Why? Why do people do the things that they do?” With AcuMax, you have complete clarity. The more clarity we have amongst people, the better people interactions, and the happier life existence for all. Because the key thing is for us to all live happy, enjoyable, positive interactions with other people lives, and that is one of our key goals.
The AcuMax Index personality assessment test measures how an individual is naturally wired. A person’s natural wiring is present at birth and begins to emerge between 1 to 2 years old. It stays with them throughout their entire lifetime.
There are hundreds of instruments that measure personality or behavior, but personality and behavior change over time. It is one of the reasons why we do not behave today like we did when we were 18 years old. However, we still harbor many of the same fears, desires, communication preferences, and thought processes we had when we were 18. These basic and unchanging characteristics can be traced back to our natural wiring.
You will understand how to see past external behavior smoke screens and know how your employees:

  • Accept ideas (some people like their ideas the best, others always seek out the ideas of others)
  • Deal with pressure (pressure speeds up some people, slows others down)
  • Make decisions (some people need lots of information, others just want a basic high-level view)
  • Deal with risk (some require clear and objective proof, others are comfortable with gut feel)

Try It!

We offer a complimentary consultation for executive teams taking the AcuMax Index personality assessment test together. Request a consultation for your organization. Or, try taking the AcuMax Index now.

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