Knowing Human Wiring Improves Employee Motivation

motivation in the workplace

In every industry that involves people we make a positive impact

The first area where we make that impact is employee motivation in the workplace, by developing a wiring pattern profile for a particular position within that organization. All jobs have a specific wiring pattern. We can go one step deeper and say, “Is this person wired for the role?” A person’s wiring tells the environment they best thrive within.
When you align background, skillset, and their wiring, people are naturally more productive, more satisfied, and stay longer at their jobs. The AcuMax index also helps us to understand how people are effectively motivated. We all work for money because we have to, and we want to pay our bills. Motivators are the things that we need that are the non-monetary things for job satisfaction.
We don’t have a stamp on our forehead, detailing the specific things each one of us needs, but AcuMax, or the AI tells us definitively how someone is best motivated. It tells us the non-monetary things they need for job satisfaction, how they communicate (which is not talk, but successfully exchange ideas and information,) what their preferred work style is, and how they are best engaged in decision-making.
We also understand how people make an ambiguous decision; which way they will tilt — more subjectively or objectively. The AcuMax Index also gives us the ability to look in a rearview mirror of the prior 90 days of somebody’s life, and examine how much stress they have been under.
The AcuMax profile answers the question, “Am I energized or de-energized by my work environment?” Look at it like this, when you’re energized you go into work and you have a lot of extra energy. You’re more productive, you’re more satisfied. When you’re de-energized it’s almost like you stub your toe when you walk into work first thing in the morning. One of the positive aspects of the AcuMax Index, is the language that we bring. People can communicate in a positive way with each other, and therefore improve people interactions in the work environment.
Most people issues are because we could be wired the same, or we could be wired very differently. Once we know why, why someone is wired the way they’re wired, the mystery about people goes away. We will know exactly how to motivate employees in the workplace and get the best performance from each person.

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