AcuMax Helps Resolve People Issues in the Workplace

acumax helps resolve people issues in the workplace

I’ve been in the assessment industry for over 14 years, but people have always fascinated me throughout my entire lifetime

In the workplace, we work to help resolve people issues that undermine an organization reaching it’s full potential. Often, managers will turn to personality assessments to understand how to manage their people issues.
While I was in the assessment industry I noticed one thing — all the assessments report on behavior or personality, but observing people overtime, I’ve seen that behavior and personality changes. Probably one of the best examples of that is going to a 10-year high school class reunion where you barely recognize any of the people that were there physically or by the way they act.
The AcuMax Index® is unique in the assessment industry as it is the only assessment that measures and reports on human wiring. This assessment is completely objective, showing the strengths of everyone, the limitations or opportunities for growth and coaching of everyone. There’s no such thing as a good profile or bad profile, they are profiles. The best profile is a profile we need for particular role in the organization.
We currently work in over 60 different types of industries helping all sorts of companies resolve their people issues in the workplace. Often times what happens between two people is they’re wired differently so they see the world differently. Our number one goal is to improve productivity by improving human interaction and resolving workplace issues.

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