Performance Reviews and Teambuilding in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes in daily work, including changes to employee performance or annual reviews. Many employers are opting to cancel or reschedule those meetings, but that might not be the best decision. Even though it might mean that those performance discussions might need to be done over the phone or using video conferencing, they are critically important.
However, the material discussed regarding employee performance should take into account the changing environment. Remote performance reviews are an opportunity to recognize the work that your employees do, and it is a time to be able to share praise and appreciation. Employee recognition can help your business improve retention.
Be understanding that deadlines and deliverables may have changed, focusing instead on core behaviors and your employee’s ability to be flexible. Take this opportunity to recognize what your employees have been able to do during this time and make sure to take a moment to appreciate them individually. If there are some challenges that you have experienced with employee performance, it is okay to discuss them but frame the conversation in a constructive way and don’t let it be the focus of the discussion.
Consistent communication is also key during times of change and uncertainty. If you’re unable to do a formal remote performance review or annual review, doing what you can to hold regular check-ins will also help continuity and keep your employees engaged. Another opportunity is to focus on employee teambuilding during this time, as there are ways to do activities digitally. Employee assessments can be completed virtually and offer a great topic for teambuilding exercises. AcuMax Index opens the door to real understanding between people and enables them to quickly relate to one another in ways that might otherwise take years to accomplish. The assessments are completed digitally and then the reports can be shared and then our facilitated methodology can help convert awareness into stronger team performance.

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