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why is workforce development important

Build a Workforce That Works!

Why do 46% of new hires fail (national average)? Why is the average rate of turnover 22% (even when the unemployment rate is high)? The cost of turnover is high (typically 20% of the annual salary of an employee being replaced.)
Why is it that CEOs estimate that 40% of their workforce are C-level performers or below?
Why – because up until now we’ve been missing a critical piece to understanding people and why some will succeed and others fail.
What if you had just one tool that could increase your hiring success rate to over 80%; that could help your managers get the best performance from your employees? What if you had a tool that could transform the way your management team communicated and made decisions? What would it mean to your business to have all B+ and A performers?

The Importance of Workforce Development with the AcuMax Index

The AcuMax Index is the only instrument that reveals a person’s natural wiring. Our wiring determines what environment and working conditions will cause us to thrive and excel.
A mismatch between our wiring and our work environment is a recipe for failure or at least high stress. On the other hand, when an employee is matched with the job that fits with their wiring profile, they feel energized, motivated and are more likely to perform to their highest abilities.
Why is workforce development important? It’s not enough to hire and promote based only on skills, experience and education. Your company’s success depends on the performance and productivity of your people.
The AcuMax Index has been used in over 60 different industries, in the public and private sectors, and by non-profit organizations to bring about positive change and productivity.
If you’re still in the dark about what makes your people tick – you’ll continue to get the same performance you’ve always gotten. How will you assure that you are getting the most for your company’s greatest asset?
Take the AcuMax survey yourself to understand your own wiring. Then have your executive team take the survey to see for yourself how solving the mystery of why people do what they do can energize you and your team.

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