What is the ROI with Employee Selection?

what is the roi with employee selection

What is the ROI with Employee Selection with the AcuMax Index®?

The results across organizations using the AcuMax Index varies, of course, depending on the problem being addressed. Employee selection is one of the core uses for the AcuMax Index, but many of our clients report increased productivity, increased sales and reduced turnover costs that can be traced back to using the AcuMax Index. Clearly, the results our clients are getting speak for themselves.
I’m very pleased that we have currently a 95 percent renewal rate. That means the companies that incorporate the AcuMax Index in one year, renew it for the next. Why? It gives solid, positive results.
The AcuMax Index is extremely cost-effective. In most organizations, just using it as an employee testing and selection tool, it will pay for itself in one hire, in large organizations, as few as four hires. Other benefits, cost savings or revenue enhancements are harder to measure. The return on investment is extremely high because not only do you retain the right candidate, you also can effectively manage them, build great teams, create a super culture and succession plan.
All of the things that you want to do with individuals in your organization can become a reality through the use of the AcuMax Index. The AcuMax Index answers the question, “Why?” Why do people do the things that they do? Once we know the answer to that, the mystery of people goes away. Everyone becomes a positive force within the organization.
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