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A Lead Hiring Tool and Motivational System

270-team-9The AcuMax Index® is a premier hiring tool and motivational system that reveals a job candidate’s natural wiring. It is the only statistically valid, EEOC compliant pre-employment assessment that measures and reports on human wiring in an objective, non-biased way.

The AcuMax Index levels the playing field and enables organizations to hire efficiently and motivate properly. This system improves employee satisfaction and performance, which translates into a smoother running organization. People are an organization’s greatest asset in business, and the AcuMax Index provides a window into the inner workings of your human assets.

Understanding yourself and others reduces the non-productive interactions between people, in both business and personal lives, that create undue stress, tension and dissatisfaction. When you desire the best response from someone, you need to appeal to their natural wiring pattern.

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How the AcuMax Index Works
The AcuMax Index® is an assessment designed to identify the natural wiring of job candidates and existing employees.
Why You Should Care About Natural Wiring
Wiring dictates the type of environment in which a person is best equipped to thrive and succeed, and the kind of environment they prefer to live and work within.
Make Employee Selection Easy
Consistently making smart, informed, and profitable hiring decisions requires accurate information at every stage of the process and most importantly at the final decision.
How to Improve Employee Engagement
Employees who are an excellent match for their jobs are usually much easier to manage because they are happy, satisfied … and productive.
How to Build High-Performing Work Teams
The next step in harnessing the power of natural wiring is to build work teams using each team member’s wiring profile.

Gain key insights about what motivates applicants and employees.

Learn how companies like yours are using the AcuMax Index to intelligently choose, retain, develop and motivate individuals, managers and teams. Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.

Organizations use the AcuMax Index as both a pre-employment assessment to generate candidate insight into job fit and performance – and as a tool for understanding and developing high-performance individuals and teams from the existing employees within organizations.