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The development of the AcuMax Index® was amazing, from the aspect of “I saw a hole in the marketplace.”

There are over 240 personality assessments that are marketed in North America alone. One of the keys was to look at how people are wired, and look at it objectively.
In developing this business personality test, we became the first instrument that measures and reports on human wiring in a very objective manner. Many other personality tests for new hires have subjective slanting — good personalities, not so good personalities.  Every individual has a strength, every individual can contribute. The key is to align them in the proper role when they come in to the organization. Then, take that good talent, and when you see they’re ambitious, and they want to rise in the organization, groom them up through the organization in a way that’s most effective.
The reality is employees become more valuable to organizations the longer they’re with the company. Think about your first day on your job. You didn’t know where to get things done, who to call, how problems get solved. After 5 years, you know those sort of things cold. The longer a person is with an organization, the more valuable they become.
One of the keys is to bring people into the organization in the right seat on the bus. We’ve all heard about the “business bus.” We help put people in the right seat so they become acclimated to the role.
Being able to assess how an employee is wired is far more valuable in the workplace than having personality assessments. The second advantage with the AcuMax business personality test for new hires is having the means to manage and motivate people effectively. When I bring somebody in with an AcuMax Profile, as the manager, I already have a mini-management guide, a quick simple one-page printout to tell me how this person is effectively motivated: their communication style, their preferred work environment, how they’re best engaged in decision making.

AcuMax Index Reviews

“Acumax is an amazingly simple yet profoundly insightful tool that has the potential to improve individual and team communication at any size business. The survey itself is also an excellent tool to use during the interview process for potential new hires…” Read More
Patrick B.

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