For your business to truly thrive, it’s imperative that you hire the best and the brightest of the available candidates. These are people that show up on day one with extensive knowledge of their respective positions, as well as an eagerness to continue learning as their careers progress. Equally important is a candidate’s personality. In order for your workforce to operate smoothly personalities must mesh, and when they don’t your team and business, will suffer as a result. As a leading provider of pre employment assessment test tools & software, AcuMax can help you screen prospective employees to ensure hiring decisions are competently made.

Pre employment assessment test toolsAcuMax Index Assessment® delves deep into a person’s behaviors, passions, life goals, and psyche to create a picture of those innate characteristics that can’t be determined by a job application and interview alone. You choose from a range of vetting solutions, including programs that help you create an ideal corporate culture, improve the abilities of leaders within your organization, better engage with your team, and make sure that your valued employees remain with your organization for the long run.

While other pre employment testing tools & software promise to do the same, there is simply no comparison. Despite the promise of great results, other programs merely scratch the surface of what makes a person tick. The following information highlights the differences between what AcuMax offers as compared to other assessment testing methods, which shows why so many employers choose this highly respected company when adding on to their existing workforce.

A Deeper Dive Into the Minds of Candidates

Pre employment personality testOther workplace personality assessment testing companies talk a good game when it comes to the information they provide on potential hires. But when it comes down to it, these reports usually return information that is of little value to hiring managers. That’s because the data they afford is regarding behaviors that tend to change over time, meaning that even if a person seems like a good fit for your team today, that may not always be the case.

Conversely, the AcuMax Index Assessment® focuses on inherent facets of a person’s psyche that remain consistent over time. This creates an accurate portrait of the person you’re vetting, so much so that many people are astonished by the accuracy of report results. Psychometric testing utilizes certain words to tease out a candidate’s motivating factors, including what drives them to excel.

Testing can also determine a person’s general stress level over the previous 90-day period, as well as providing information on the current level of engagement. Even better, you have an unlimited number of surveys at your disposal. Other vendors tend to charge companies for every survey they use, which racks up costs exponentially.

Fast and Effective On-Site Training

Even the best pre employment assessment tools and test software will be of little value to your organization if you and your fellow employees are not able to use it effectively. Unfortunately, this is a very likely reality when working with vendors. The attention you’re paid during the initial consultation when a salesperson will go above and beyond to secure your business usually wanes once you sign on the dotted line. After that, you’ll be left to your own devices, which means it could be days or even weeks to get acclimated to the ins and outs of the software.

Other vendors go overboard with training processes. Your management staff could be tied up for several days as they undergo extensive training, and at the end of it you might still have questions on the most effective use of the programs you purchased. While training is certainly good, providing too much information too soon leaves even the brightest person scratching their heads. Additionally, training courses that contain a lot of filler leave trainees missing the most valuable points. While a lack of training is bad, too much training is just as problematic.

The great minds at AcuMax understand these issues, which is why they’ve designed a fast and effective training process. They understand that your time is valuable, so they’ve truncated training to a single day. To make the process even more convenient, they’ll send a representative to conduct training on-site at your workplace. That way you won’t have to worry about using company funds for extensive travel or losing weeks to a dense training seminar that fails to communicate valuable information effectively. Even better, the AcuMax team will have you up and running on the very first day.

Actionable Reporting That Makes Sense

At the end of all assessment tests, a report is issued which features the person’s answers, as well as determinations on their personality types. While it’s important for the final report to be thorough, many vendors issue reports that dense and brimming with complex jargon that flies over the heads of the average management staff. There may be a valuable bit of information tucked neatly within the many buzzwords and verbose descriptions but discerning these statements in the midst of a busy workplace is often an impossible feat.

This is also an issue when analyzing job profiles. Creation of a job profile is an integral part of the hiring process since they allow you to match candidates to the best position possible. A personality assessment is far more useful when you have your job profiles pinned down, and even the brightest staff may have problems articulating the intricacies of a position when it comes to hiring. The job profile differs from things like duties and tasks, which are relatively straightforward. Rather, a job profile establishes what type of people will thrive in the position.

When issuing personality tests for employment, assessments and job profiles, AcuMax aims to offer clear and concise reporting that can easily be applied by your staff. Your most pressing staffing issue will be privy to a jargon-free and easy to understand solution, without the need for continuous analysis from multiple members of your team. The same can be said of job profiles. With their help, you’ll be able to create an accurate job profile, which allows you to narrow your candidate search greatly.

AcuMax Optimizes Your Hiring Process

If you’re seeking a skills assessment test for employment, AcuMax offers tools that not only allow you to find the absolute best employees in your industry but also enables your business to continue striving towards long-term success. Learn more about how their pre employment test software optimizes the hiring process by visiting them online. You can also request a demo by filling out their convenient online contact form. You’ll even be privy to a free five-minute assessment to see firsthand just how innovative these programs are.

Comparing the AcuMax Index Assessment® to other assessments:

AcuMax IndexOther Assessments
Pre Employment Assessment SoftwareAcuMax measures innate human wiring which is consistent and does not change over timehumanwiringno1
Other assessments try to measure human behavior patterns which are inconsistent and usually do change over time
unlimitedsurveysAcuMax clients have unlimited surveysunlimitedsurveysno1
Many assessments charge on a per-use basis
trainingAcuMax training is fun and easy to learn. Training is conducted at your location and completed in a single day.trainingno1
Some assessments offer no training. Others require extensive training, taking several days of your managers’ time to use their products.
efficientAcuMax will have your system up and running on the first dayefficientno1
Many assessment systems take weeks to become fully client operable
realtimereportingAcuMax has real-time actionable reporting which can be used by managers and leaders on a daily basisrealtimereportingno1
Other assessments have complex reporting which is difficult to use and often ends up in a desk drawer or in a circular file
comparisonAcuMax allows you to readily built job-based profiles so you can easily compare candidates to the jobs you need to fillcomparisonno1
Many assessments don’t analyze job profiles at all. Those that do have a tortuous process that many clients cannot or choose not to complete.
economyofscaleAcuMax provides a comprehensive service package which is value-based and offers economies of scaleeconomyofscaleno1
Most assessments cost thousands of dollars more per year than AcuMax when charges for set-up, training and reporting are considered
globalAcuMax provides global services with its assessment currently available in 21 languagesglobalno1
Many assessments have limited applications in other countries or in other languages
quicktimeAcuMax only takes five minutes to complete and does not result in significant worker down timequicktimeno1
Some assessments take hours for your workers to complete which is non-productive time

AcuMax Index Reviews

“Acumax is an amazingly simple yet profoundly insightful tool that has the potential to improve individual and team communication at any size business. The survey itself is also an excellent tool to use during the interview process for potential new hires…” Read More

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