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Team Communication

"We were having difficulty with our small staff communicating and decided to investigate why...It was really enlightening."   Denise Fournier-Tudor, Director of Marketing at Aeroseal explains how they began using AcuMax to better communicate and make decisions as a team. “We were having difficulty communicating within our team. We would come to meetings and we weren't getting the results or coming to the conclusions that we desired. We decided to investigate why. It was really enlightening to know that people are wired certain ways, ... Read more

Better Bottom Line

"It's a fast-paced environment...now that we have the right people in the key spots, everything has improved."   Will Wallace, Manager at SAT Plating, describes how having the right people in key positions has helped the bottom line. "We're a manufacturing company, it's a fast-paced environment on the work floor. You try and get through as much as you can. If there are hold-ups, there are inefficiencies, that slows down your production, it slows down revenue and your bottom line. Since using the AcuMax survey, ... Read more

Accurate New Hire Fit

"...all the candidates that matched the position profiles have been great fits...it's been the most successful test we've used yet." Melissa Hattle, Human Resources Generalist and Recruiter for the Orlans Group explains how her company has used AcuMax to accurately assess new hire fit for positions. “Before we tried AcuMax we had tried several different pre-screening tests for candidates. None of them seemed to be very accurate. Since we've been using AcuMax, all the candidates that matched the position profiles have been great ... Read more

Coaching and Counseling

"...communication between staff members in all different states has improved...use the tool to coach and counsel teams and mentor new employees." Deanna Tafelski, EDSI, shares how AcuMax is used for coaching and counseling to improve communication and better manage a team. “Communication between staff members has improved and so has conflict resolution. We use AcuMax to coach and counsel when there's an issue going on between two staff members, or a manager and a staff member. We use AcuMax as a tool to ... Read more
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