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War Stories | That was predictable!

Some employers give tests to try to predict an employee’s future behavior. A company I once worked for gave an “honesty test” to all of its prospective employees. The test asked the applicants to assume that they were following an armored truck down the road. Stopping at a light, the back door of the truck popped open and a bag full of money fell out into the street. The light changed and the truck sped off leaving the bag of money ... Read more

Understanding Low C/High C Work Styles

Everybody gets things done! Everyone can do multiple types of work. So what is the real difference between Low C and High C work styles? It’s all in the brain. The wiring for the brain of a Low C profile is such that the individual does not have to button down one thing before moving onto the next. The Low C can jump from task to task without losing productivity or focus. The wiring for the High C brain is just the opposite. High C ... Read more

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Human Resources Executive recently released survey results of the three biggest HR challenges that organizations face today. At the top of the list: Ensuring employees remain engaged and productive – 33.1% Attracting and retaining diverse talent – 30%   Only 2% of those surveyed rated employee morale and engagement extremely strong in their organizations. 67%, however, said they were very concerned over losing talent in the ensuing 12 months in light of the recovered economy. Although AcuMax is used by many organizations as a ... Read more

War Stories | All the signs weren’t there

I reviewed several resumes for an open admin position when I noticed one candidate listed a qualification: “Fluent in American Sign Language.” Although it had no relevance to the job, it caught my attention as I had taken several courses in ASL many years earlier. ASL is a very expressive language which gives insight into the communicator’s personality, so I decided it would be both fun and instructional to conduct at least part of the interview in Sign Language. I prepared. When ... Read more
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