AcuMax Acumen Measures Agility in Under 10 Minutes

AcuMax offers more than just personality assessments, we have a wide range of products including Acumen, which is one of the newest additions to the suite of AcuMax Index hiring solutions.
Acumen is a statistically validated cognitive reasoning skills assessment that is administered in 10 minutes or less, so it doesn’t take a lot of time for your candidates to complete as part of the hiring evaluation process.
Acumen is a mental agility test that measures an individual’s cognitive abilities and asks various questions in the areas of math, attention to detail, general knowledge and vocabulary. Cognitive abilities often correlate to how quickly a person may learn, relate new to previously acquired information, understand complex concepts and problem solve. However, cognitive measurements are not always definitive, so scoring can be affected by variables like academic experience, familiarity with similar assessments, test-taking conditions, socio-economic background and more. Because Acumen isn’t definitive and the results change as an individual grows, changes and learns, it should be used in conjunction with other hiring and placement considerations in assessing skills, training needs and the knowledge required to perform and be successful in a specific job.
Acumen mental agility test scores are divided into seven (7) ranges called Sectors which correlate to cognitive abilities. Higher Sector scores are generally reflective of greater cognitive ability and indicate higher learning capacity, greater problem-solving potential and increased mental wherewithal compared to lower Sector scores. Acumen Sector scores can be compared to occupational scores commonly required in an industry so you can see how your candidate’s scores compare to the average within your industry. However, the greatest consideration should always be to the actual requirements for a particular job at your organization and the Acumen scores should be evaluated in that light.
Acumen provides an easy-to-understand report that indicates the learning curve and type of onboarding experience each job candidate will require. The mental agility test results allow you to anticipate how quickly a prospective candidate will grasp the fundamental aspects of a particular job and helps you determine if you should maintain, expedite or slow down your current onboarding process for each candidate.
Want to know one other great part about using Acumen? You don’t have to pay more to access this data. Acumen is currently included with the standard AcuMax Index annual subscription. Contact us if you’d like to check out Acumen and learn how it might help your company during hiring.

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