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How to Motivate Employees as a Manager

| Employee Motivation

What Motivates Your Employees? Were you ever paid to perform some household chore when you were young? Many children have received an allowance in exchange for mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage or cleaning their room. How enthused were you about doing that job? Probably not very, until you were reminded that you would…more

How Does AcuMax Compare to Other Workplace Assessments

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AcuMax Out Performs other Workplace Assessments We talked with AcuMax Users at our annual event in April and asked them how using the AcuMax Index compared to other pre employment testing assessments they have used before. Deena Arnold, Director of Talent Acquisition, Pacific Hospitality Group “I find the AcuMax software to be very user-friendly. Some…more

Why Leaders Recommend AcuMax

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AcuMax clients discuss what they love about using the AcuMax Index in their organizations. Deena Arnold, Director of Talent Acquisition, Pacific Hospitality Group ‘Truly, I’m extremely spoiled. I’ve worked with Jay for over eleven years. He’s been my mentor. I know he developed an outstanding tool and it’s something very dear to his heart as well…more

What Motivates You at Work?

| Natural Wiring

Business leaders describe their AcuMax profiles and how their “drivers” affect them day to day. Murray: “I’m a high A and a high D. It helps me to be driven and move forward. D is about detail and structure. In my organization for example, we’ve got a lot of high Cs and some low Ds,…more

Pre-employment Assessment Improves Employee Retention

| Employee Retention

Pre-employment assessments improve employee retention at Lima-area companies AcuMax client, Vanamatic in Lima, Ohio built their skilled trades workforce from the ground up using the AcuMax Index. Because workers with the right skills were very hard to find in their small community, they hired and trained new employees in the skills they needed for the…more

Resolve Conflict

| Client Success Stories

“…helped us to figure out why we were always fighting…it was just that we are wired differently…it helped us to be more respectful and understand each other.” Murray Percival, III, General Manager of the Murray Percival Company discusses how AcuMax has been the key to resolve conflict in the family business. “We are a family…more

Business Coaching Tool

| Client Success Stories

“…very simple and easy to understand, easy to use tool…allowed me to work with business owners in a different way.” Ellen Patnaude, Business Coach, describes how she uses AcuMax to benefit her clients. “I was looking for a tool that I could use with clients to help me understand them better so that I would…more

Highly Effective Teams

| Client Success Stories

“…looking at a job  or position change, I can see that this person fits the position and [what] the needs are of the position…it’s very logically done, in a very easy to read format…” Randy Brodzik, President of RedViking Engineering explains how he used the AcuMax Index ® to turn groups in conflict into highly…more