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AcuMax creates an environment where people are thriving, not just functioning.

Employees that Thrive

When we talk to our clients about how AcuMax is changing their workplace for the better, we hear more and more stories about benefits that go far beyond what they expected. We’ve come to see these positive transformations as ‘thriving’.

Being happy at work is nice, but thriving is better – and more productive. What does it mean to thrive? Recent research* in both scholarly and business publications suggests that employees who thrive experience a deeper level of engagement, awareness, civility and satisfaction that benefits the employee and the business in a whole host of ways.

Findings indicate thriving employees:

  • 32 percent more committed to the organization
  • 46 percent more satisfied with their jobs
  • Demonstrate 16 percent better overall job performance
  • Show 125 percent less burnout than their peers

They also miss much less work and report significantly fewer doctor visits which means health care cost savings and less lost time for the company.

  • are more resilient and have more energy
  • suffer less from job stress and burn-out
  • feel energized about their contribution
  • pay attention to how they feel
  • actively pursue learning and career development
  • enjoy increased general health and well‐being
  • are more committed and take initiative
  • are genuinely interested in their co-workers
  • respect individual differences and qualities
  • promote civility

How can you use the AcuMax Index to create a thriving workplace and culture?

Helping Employees to ThriveMEANING AND PURPOSE – The AcuMax Index opens up an understanding and awareness of ourselves and our co-workers with insight into our personal values and how we are wired to feel purpose and meaning. This allows us to uncover links between what we care about and the work we do. When we can make that link for ourselves and others, we have a greater sense of our contribution and purpose.
thriving employeesPOSITIVE CONNECTIONS – We are more productive and work together better when we understand each other. We thrive where we feel connected in our work relationships. Insights from the AcuMax Index can illuminate each individual’s innate wiring and create real understanding between people, enabling them to relate in ways that might otherwise take years to accomplish.
thriving company cultureGROWTH AND LEARNING – When we have positive opportunities to stretch ourselves, learn, and grow; we come to work with a renewed sense of energy, enjoyment, and personal control. Leaders can use the AcuMax Index to better understand how employees, managers, and teams can communicate better and successfully share new knowledge and skills.


Want to know more?

Contact us to learn more of how the AcuMax Index could help your organization and your employees thrive!

The AcuMax Index is the only assessment that measures and reports on human wiring -— helping managers and executives at all levels to hire with confidence and effectively motivate, engage and develop talent.

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