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“It costs a lot of money to hire people. It costs even more money to hire a wrong person…AcuMax improved our hiring, coaching and managing.”

Matt Marsiglio, Operations Manager, Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical explains how AcuMax helps hire the right people.

“We began using AcuMax to help solve the problem of hiring the wrong people. We went through three or four hires to find one good. AcuMax allows us to make sure before we even set up an interview, that we’re interviewing the right candidate. We’ve done the AcuMax with all or our employees and it lets us know how our employees are wired, and how we can best coach and manage them. It allows us to understand how they do things, so instead of just applying one management style for the whole group of people, we are able to also understand how to manage people individually.

I was the speaker at a couple of National Conventions for the heating and cooling  Industry. AcuMax has been part of my presentation both times. Really, if you’re having any struggle hiring people, it costs a lot of money to hire people, it costs even more money to hire a wrong person. AcuMax has helped us. I’ve shared it with several friends in a multitude of businesses, and how it can help them streamline the hiring process to make sure they’re getting the right people on their bus.”

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Jay Hawreluk

James “Jay” Hawreluk, is the author of "Unraveling the Mystery of People" and creator of the AcuMax Index, the only assessment that measures and reports on human natural wiring. People have always fascinated him, and over the years, Jay has developed AcuMax as a process to understand "why" people do the things they do.

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