Many employers use a variety of pre-employment screenings or tests to try to ensure that the candidate they’re about to bring on board is a good fit. Hiring the wrong person can be incredibly costly, so doing the legwork up front can help make sure that you’re making the best decision.

Pre-employment assessments were once predominately used only for executive, senior and management positions. However, today they are commonly used for all ranges of positions, including entry-level, freelance and hourly workers. Pre-employment screening goes beyond background checks, references or experiences. The goal of pre-hire testing is to measure candidates’ abilities, mentalities, aptitude and fit within the organization or specific teams using scientific methods.

Pros and Cons of Measuring Personality

You will sometimes see pre-employment tests referred to as a personality test, but tests that only look at personality don’t always give you the most complete picture of whether an employee is the right hire. Personality is an important factor, and it is critical to measure personality with a pre-employment test, but the important distinction is how personality is measured and accounted for during the test.

The way that AcuMax measures personality is by using psychometric testing to analyze a person’s hardwiring. Hardwiring is something that is innate and relatively inflexible from the time we are born and influences our behaviors and how we think. Some pre-employment tests focus more on stating how we would react in a specific situation or are not designed in such a way that the test cannot be “cheated”. A poorly designed interview or test can easily be gamed by a candidate who knows what answer the interviewer or company wants to hear, and the candidate responds accordingly. If a candidate is able to manipulate the test to give the feedback that they know you want to hear, the results of the test become meaningless and unactionable.

The AcuMax Advantage

In addition, measuring the drivers of personality, AcuMax offers other advantages for both you and your candidates:

  • Convenience: AcuMax operates using a cloud-based web application that is easy for both you and prospective employees to use.
  • Speed: Rather than forcing employees to spend a lot of time on a deep psychological dive or wasting time in interviews as the first step, narrow your candidate pool. Additionally, candidates won’t mind taking AcuMax because it can be completed in a matter of minutes, and results are available to you as the employer almost instantly.
  • Understandability: The data you receive from AcuMax is actionable and is free of jargon, concise, and clear so that it is easily understandable.
  • Accuracy: AcuMax is based on natural wiring so the results stay consistent for the entirety of the applicant’s adult life, as opposed to other personality tests that measure behaviors that might change over time. This means that even if a candidate isn’t the right fit for the current position you’re hiring for that if you can still accurately use their test results if a position later opens up that better fits a candidate’s profile.
  • Compliance: AcuMax is compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and meant to be used during hiring, not all personality tests are EEOC compliant or meant to be used by companies.

See the Difference Today

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