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If you use, or are thinking about using, a pre employment personality test when hiring employees, you’re in good company. Companies are increasingly choosing to use personality tests as part of the pre-employment screening process. As recently as 2010, less than 50 percent of professionals in human resources administered an employment personality test to candidates prior to hire. As of 2014, however, that figure was up to 62 percent. However, not every personality test for employment is an authentic and accurate measure of a candidate’s personality. AcuMax offers an assessment that is both helpful to you and convenient for your potential employees.

Match the Right Candidate to the Right Position

There are many types of personality tests for employers available, but they all have the same three goals:

  • Determining a candidate’s communication style
  • Gauging compatibility with team members
  • Evaluating overall fit with company culture

Personality test for employersDifferent candidates have different qualities that make them a good fit for some positions but not suitable for others. For example, a candidate who is accommodating and risk averse may be more suited for a position in service rather than sales, while an extremely positive person may do well in a call center or other environment in which he or she has to deal with a lot of rejection.

Matching a candidate to a particular position on the basis of personality assessment benefits both you and your employees. An employee may engage with the position at a much lower level if it isn’t well-suited to his or her personality. The turnover rate increases by 45 percent where employee engagement is low. By matching a candidate to a position on the basis of personality traits, you are giving employees a reason to stay in a job with which they are engaged and fulfilled, and at the same time, you are likely to retain more employees and save the costs of rehiring and retraining.

Learn What Makes a Valuable Employment Personality Test

There are many personality assessments available for pre-employment screening. Some are more popular than others and are used most often. However, just because a personality test for employment is popular doesn’t mean that it is useful.

Employment personality test processEven some of the most widely used personality pre-screening tests are of little practical value when hiring employees because they do not directly address situations that an employee may encounter while on the job. Other assessments are not useful because they focus too much on candidates’ weaknesses and not enough on their strengths.

As a matter of fact, misuse of personality assessments in hiring practices is so prevalent that the makers of one of the most popular tests actually released a statement saying that hiring is not its intended purpose and the use of the assessment for pre-employment screening is unethical. Additionally, if you use a personality test that is not compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you could face a lawsuit from a rejected candidate on the grounds of discrimination in hiring practices. Unfortunately, not all assessments hold up in court.

Discover the Benefits of AcuMax Personality Testing

In addition to authentic assessment and EEOC compliance, the AcuMax employment personality tests offer the following advantages to both you and prospective employees:

  • Convenience: AcuMax operates via a cloud-based web application that is easy for both you and prospective employees to use.
  • Speed: Rather than forcing employees to spend a lot of time on a deep psychological dive, the AcuMax personality test can be completed in a matter of five minutes, and results are available almost instantly.
  • Understandability: The data you receive from the AcuMax personality assessment is free of jargon, concise, and clear so that it is easily understandable.
  • Accuracy: AcuMax assessments are based on natural wiring that stays consistent for the entirety of one’s adult life, as opposed to other personality tests that measure behaviors that might change over time.

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