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Be honest. Be clear. And make sure you have 5 minutes.

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Our team is excited to be part of your journey to self-understanding in your career! You made a good choice to have our team behind you for the future steps that you take.
If you completed your AcuMax Index between 8 am and 6 am ET Monday – Friday, your report will be emailed within one hour. If you are completing outside of the hours listed, your report will be sent the next business day.

If for any reason your report does not arrive, please reach out to us at:

We look forward to being part of your support team! If you have any questions, we can book individual career consulting at XXXX per hour to review your report, our thoughts and help you on your journey. For individual consulting on your AcuMax, you can book your time and process your payment here:

We also transcribe those calls, at your option for a small additional cost, so that you have our career consulting at your fingertips as your journey continues!