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Team Communication

"We were having difficulty with our small staff communicating and decided to investigate why...It was really enlightening."   Denise Fournier-Tudor, Director of Marketing at Aeroseal explains how they began using AcuMax to better communicate and make decisions as a team. “We were having difficulty communicating within our team. We would come to meetings and we weren't getting the results or coming to the conclusions that we desired. We decided to investigate why. It was really enlightening to know that people are wired certain ways, ... Read more

Get Full Participation

Before utilizing the AcuMax Index, "...I am sure I left tens of thousands of dollars worth of ideas on the table..." Doug Price, Executive Coach, discusses the cost of not understanding how others are wired. AcuMax helps teams get full participation. “One thing that I became extremely aware of was the cost associated with not understanding how other people are wired, and especially how I'm wired. For example, I would conduct meetings, and because I'm a verbal thinker, we'd get everything out in ... Read more

AcuMax CEO Interview with Murray Feldman, Fox 2 Detroit

AcuMax CEO Interview with Murray Feldman, Fox 2 Detroit Fox 2 News Headlines Jay Hawreluk, CEO discusses AcuMax Index with Murray Feldman, Channel 2 News, and how employers find employees who are the right fit based on their hard wiring. Murray Feldman: Are you the one that they want? That's John Travolta and Olivia Newton John getting us started as we open up the Job Shop. You want to be the one that they want. That's why they do assessments on people that they're going ... Read more

Knowing Human Wiring Improves Employee Motivation

In every industry that involves people we make a positive impact. The first area where we make that impact is employee motivation, by developing a wiring pattern profile for a particular position within that organization. All jobs have a specific wiring pattern. We can go one step deeper and say, "Is this person wired for the role?" A person’s wiring tells the environment they best thrive within. When you align background, skillset, and their wiring, people are naturally more productive, more satisfied, and ... Read more
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