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Series: Analysis of Low Drives | The Low B Perspective

The Low B profile is a heads-down, analytical profile. A Low B typically does not think out loud or bounce half-formulated ideas off others to finalize their own thought processes, but prefers to internally think a problem through before offering a verbal response. It is a profile that is naturally self-reliant, which prefers to figure out solutions to problems on their own rather than talking it through with others. This doesn’t mean that Low B profiles dislike communicating with friends and ... Read more

Series: Analysis of Low Drives | The Low A Perspective

The Low A profile is the quintessential “team player.” The Low A individual has a team orientation that wants to align with, provide support to and receive support from other team members. As a team player, a Low A profile wants to pitch in and help his or her team succeed. This is manifested in the other qualities exhibited by this profile. To elicit cooperation and harmony, the Low A profile seeks options from others. It is not uncommon for a ... Read more

Series: Analysis of High Drives | The High D Perspective

As a child, you were termed “inquisitive” and your favorite question was “Why?” As an adult, you want to know the background or the context behind what you are doing. You know and believe in phrases such as “the devil is in the details” and “fast is fine, but accuracy is everything” – a quote from Wyatt Earp. The High D drive is an information and process seeking drive. When you think of the High D Drive, think of the word “dependable.” The ... Read more

Series: Analysis of High Drives | The High C Perspective

He who fails to plan is planning to fail. And, I spend more time with co-workers than I do with some members of my family – shouldn’t I try to get to know them better? The source of self-confidence for a High C is twofold: knowing the order and process of workflow and developing affiliation in the workplace. Albert Einstein said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes is the true definition of insanity. If that definition is ... Read more
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