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Organizations Achieve More

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“AcuMax…moves the whole business at a much faster pace…can be more effective and laser focused.” Organizations Achieve More Lisa Mininni, President of Excellerate Associates, explains how AcuMax helps organizations achieve more at a faster pace. “What I like most about the AcuMax Index reporting is, organizationally, being able to look at the report and have…more

Know What You’re Good At

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Kris Davidson, Talent Specialist, MRM Worldwide Advertising Agency, discusses how AcuMax provided critical self awareness skills for interns at a young age. “Last year we rolled out AcuMax to our organizations intern program in our parent organization. There were roughly eighty interns in the Detroit area. Every last one of them came up to me…more

Manager Development Training Program

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“We use it for management selection and development…communication has improved…there’s greater understanding and awareness…critical for leaders.” Michael Ebaugh, Corporate Director, Talent Assessment, Organizational Development, Beaumont Hospital explains how AcuMax helps with manager hiring and development. “Largely we use the AcuMax Index for manager hiring and development. When someone is hired we then share their AcuMax Profile…more

AcuMax CEO Interview with Murray Feldman, Fox 2 Detroit

| In the Media

AcuMax CEO Interview with Murray Feldman, Fox 2 Detroit Fox 2 News Headlines Jay Hawreluk, CEO discusses AcuMax Index with Murray Feldman, Channel 2 News, and how employers find employees who are the right fit based on their hard wiring. Murray Feldman: Are you the one that they want? That’s John Travolta and Olivia Newton…more

IndustryWeek Features AcuMax Index

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What I Learned From Taking the Employee Pre Hire Assessment Survey What the employee PRE HIRE assessment can tell you about your job candidate—and why it’s important. April 8, 2015 The AcuMax Index is featured in an IndustryWeek post by Patricia Moody, Blue Heron Journal. Excerpt: “The assessment survey looked simple enough, a two page list…more

Business Partner Webinar — Healthcare Business Insights

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Webinar: Selecting Best-Fit Resident Physician Candidates – A Case Study in Optimizing Pre Employment Screening We had a healthcare business partner webinar in 2015 with The Division of Dermatology at Ohio State, featuring Dr. Matt Zirwas – a user and advocate for AcuMax. Recorded: Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 12:00 pm Central Time. The Division…more

AcuMax is Unique in Personality Assessments

| Employee Engagement

The development of the AcuMax Index® was amazing, from the aspect of “I saw a hole in the marketplace.” There are over 240 personality assessments that are marketed in North America alone. One of the keys was to look at how people are wired, and look at it objectively. In developing this business personality test,…more